League challenges

Stop Kenneth
Track: Tarnow; Host: Tarnow; VisiTrack: Gorzów Wlkp.
Don't let Kenneth make double digits (with bonuses)

Lords of Lubuskie
Track: Zielona Góra or Gorzów Wlkp.; Host: Zielona Góra or Gorzów Wlkp.; Visitor: Zielona Góra or Gorzów Wlkp.
Win with opponent 16 pts min

Swallows fly higher than Angels
Track: Toruń; Host: Toruń; Visitor: Tarnów
Win by Tarnow

Revenge for the finals
Track: Leszno; Host: Leszno; Visitor: Wrocław
Win by Wroclaw 8 pts min and get full with Woffinde

Kuyavian - Pomeranian derby
Track: Grudziądz; Host: Grudziądz; Visitor: Toruń
Win by Grudziadz 16 pts min

Champions clash
Track: Rybnik; Host: Rybnik; Visitor: Leszno
Win by Rybnik

Return after years
Track: Poznań; Host: Wrocław; Visitor: Leszno
Win by Wroclaw and get 10 pts with Mili

Subcarphatian derby
Track: Rzeszów; Host: Rzeszów; Visitor: Krosno
Win by Krosno

Lodz is not so scary
Track: Łódź; Host: Łódź; Visitor: Kraków
Win 6 races 5:1 by Krakow

Junior on bike
Track: Bydgoszcz; Host: Bydgoszcz; Visitor: Piła
Win the match and get some points with Tomasz Orwa

Fight till the end
Track: Kraków; Host: Kraków; Visitor: Rawicz
Get min.2 pts.by team in every race playing Rawicz

Railmans clash
Track: Rawicz; Host: Rawicz; Visitor: Opole
Win by Opole with bears

Professional Leon
Track: Częstochowa; Host: Częstochowa; Visitor: Rybnik
Win by Czestochowa 15 pts min and get 1o+ with Madse

Track: Grudziadz; Host: Grudziadz; Visitor: Częstochowa
Win by Grudziadz and get 10 pts with Buczkowsk

Rising star
Track: Gdańsk; Host: Gdańsk; Visitor: Rzeszów
Win by Gdansk 20 pts min and get full with Thomse

Black horse
Track: Krosno; Host: Krosno; Visitor: Ostrów Wlkp.
Win by Krosno and get full with Fierle

Stop the locomotive
Track: Daugavpils; Host: Daugavpils; Visitor: Łódź
Win by Lodz

Match to one goal
Track: Opole; Host: Opole; Visitor: Daugavpils
Win by Daugavpils 25 pts min.

Greater Poland derby
Track: Ostrow; Host: Ostrow; Visitor: Pila
Win by Ostrow

Witches enchant the tigers
Track: Ipswich; Host: Ipswich; Visitor: Sheffield
Win by Ipswich 15 pts min.

Wolves bite Lions
Track: Wolverhampton; Host: Wolverhampton; Visitor: Leicester
Win by Wolverhampton min 20 pts

Bomber attacks
Track: Poole; Host: Poole; Visitor: Rye House
Get min. 10 pts with Chris Harri

Draw aces
Track: Swindon; Host: Swindon; Visitor: Belle Vue
Draw all races

Magical Holde
Track: Rye House; Host: Rye House; Visitor: Poole
Get min 2 pts with Holde in every race

Cats clash
Track: Peterborough; Host: Peterborough; Visitor: Glasgow
Win by Peterborough and get min 2 pts (by team) in every race

Monarchs was attacked by Bandits
Track: Edinburgh; Host: Edinburgh; Visitor: Berwick
Win by Berwick

Lions defend against Wolves
Track: Leicester; Host: Leicester; Visitor: Wolverhampton
Win or draw by Leicester

Rebels will dethrone the Kings
Track: Kings Lynn; Host: Kings Lynn; Visitor: Somerset
Win by Somerset

International challenges

Sons of Albion
Track: Toruń; Host: Poland; Visitor: Great Britain
Win by Great Britain

Track: Poole; Host: Great Britain; Visitor: Russia
Win by Russia

Scandinavian holy war
Track: Malilla; Host: Sweden; Visitor: Denmark
Win by Denmark

Vikings defeated by Kangaroos
Track: Vojens; Host: Denmark; Visitor: Australia;
Win by Australia

Track: Gustrow; Host: Germany; Visitor: Finland;
Win by Finland

Kasper successors
Track: Daugavpils; Host: Latvia; Visitor: Czech Republic;
Defeat Latvia by Czech Republic on Latvia track

Exotic trip
Track: Bahia-Blanca; Host: Argentina; Visitor: USA
Get min.30 pts with Argentina team

Golden eagles
Track: Belle Vue; Host: Great Britain; Visitor: Sweden, Poland, Australia;
Win by Poland

Classic challenges

Clash of Legends 1973
Track: Świętochłowice; Host: Świętochłowice 1973; Visitor: Gorzów Wlkp. 1973
Win by Swietochlowice

1996 Finals
Track: Częstochowa; Host: Częstochowa 1996; Visitor: Toruń 1996;
Win by Czestochowa 50:40

Change history 1999
Track: Piła; Host: Piła 1999; Visitor: Wrocław 1999;
Defeat 6 pts agregate from first game playing with Wrocław

Beat the champion 1998
Track: Grudziadz; Host: Grudziadz 1998; Visitor: Bydgoszcz 1998;
Change history and win by Grudziadz
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